"There was a land of
Cavaliers and Cotton fields...
called the Old South"
Olde South Ball
Silent Auction
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A silent auction was held at the 2014 Olde South Ball. Proceeds helped benefit Calvary Home for Children in Anderson, SC. We thank our donors for donating these special items!

"Blessing of the Sword"
Framed Print by Mort Kunstler

Donated by the Firing on Fort Sumter Ball

As the war began, family and friends often gathered in support of the man who was bound for war. Endearments were shared, memories were recalled, toasts were offered and pleas for protection were prayed. Often such ceremonies were capped by the presentation of an ornately engraved edged weapon.
It was offered with a heartfelt blessing - a leave-taking benediction of hope that the sword would remain sheathed or that it would provide protection from the brutality of battle. It was typically received with gratitude - and a vow to carry it with honor, to faithfully do one's duty, to return when the homeland no longer needed defending - and even in the darkest hour to remember those left behind. Then the time of departure was at hand, the man in gray was gone - and the blessing of the sword remained only as a memory.
Dixon's Gold Coin
Donated by Friends of the Hunley

This coin is a reproduction of the coin found on the Confederate submarine Hunley. Legend held that Lt. George Dixon, the Hunley's final commander, was given a $20 gold piece by his sweetheart, Queenie Bennett. The coin saved his life in the battle of Shiloh when a bullet struck the coin instead of him. The coin was in fact found on Dixon's body in the Hunley, bent from the bullet's blow. Dixon had the coin engraved to read "Shiloh, April 6, 1862, My life Preserver, G. E. D." This reproduction shows the blow from the bullet and Dixon's engraving.
Four Hunley Tour Tickets
Donated by Friends of the Hunley

Take a few friends and go see the Hunley in person! Recovered from the Charleston Harbor in 2000, this incredible piece of history is currently being restored at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in North Charleston, SC and is open for touring on weekends. View artifacts from the Hunley, climb in a lifesized replica, and see the Hunley itself!
Reproduction "Pumpkin" Bonnet
Donated by Marie Hoobery of the Fashionable Sew-ciety

A popular and fashionable item for Victorian ladies, "Pumpkin Bonnets" were warm but light weight. This gorgeous handcrafted silk bonnet with silk plaid ties not only keeps the cold away, it's a lovely fashion statement for any lady of taste!
Blockade Runner Gift Certificate
Donated by Blockade Runner, Inc.

Guns, books, uniforms, buttons, bonnets, shoes, tents, purses, jewelry, music, and more! All your reenacting shopping needs are covered by Blockade Runner and this gift certificate can help you buy just the right item!
Limited Edition John Paul Strain Plate
Donated by the Museum & Library of Confederate History

This numbered, lovely gold-edged plate depicts "Robert E. Lee" from the "Gallant Men of the Civil War" Collection. Comes with a gold plate holder.
Cameo Music Box
Plays "Rock of Ages"

Donated by the Museum & Library of Confederate History

"Rock of Ages" was JEB Stuart's favorite hymn. This beautiful little music box plays this tune while you watch on a gold, old-fashioned roller.
Ladies Bracelet and Earrings Set
Donated by Mandy Kallal of Jewelry4Reenactors

Made from gutta percha, the 1860s version of hard plastic, these reproduction bracelets and earrings have the look and feel of originals! The bracelets are elastic-strung, which was also a fashionable 1860s trend. Perfect for modern or reenacting ensembles!

Genuine $50 Confederate Bill
Donated by the Museum & Library of Confederate History

Inspected for authenticity by museum curators, this original Confederate bill features a picture of President Jefferson Davis in the center. It is dated "Richmond, Feb. 17th, 1864."
Swarovski Pearl Grape Cluster Set
Donated by Heather Sheen of Southron Creations

Grape cluster jewelry has been popular for centuries. Elegant clusters were made from many materials including coral, gemstones and pearls. This reproduction set of earrings and necklace feature high-quality Swarovski pearls and gold leaves.
Compendium of Dress and Adornment
Donated by the Geezerettes Publishing, LLC

A vast compilation of fashion plates and descriptions from 1860, gathered from Arthurs, Godey's, Harper's and Peterson's magazines. A truly remarkable and helpful collection for any reenactor, seamstress or fashion afficionado.
Reproduction Victorian Earrings
Donated by North & South Emporium

Victorians loved intricate, dangling earrings. Plain gold and coral stones were both favorite styles that ladies wore with both day and evening wear. These lovely reproduction sets will put you right in style - 1860s or modern!
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