"There was a land of
Cavaliers and Cotton fields...
called the Old South"
Olde South Ball
Silent Auction
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A silent auction will be held at the 2015 Olde South Ball. Proceeds will benefit Calvary Home for Children in Anderson, SC. We thank our donors for donating these special items!
There are MORE coming soon!
"Cross Over the River"
Print by Mort Kunstler

Donated by the Confederate Museum

Mr. Kuntlser says: "Let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees." Those were the last words spoken by General "Stonewall" Jackson - and became the inspiration for this painting. Jackson, who was very devout, would pause two or three times a day to pray. This painting, which is set on the banks of a Virginia river, depicts one of those quiet moments.
"In 'Cross Over the River,' I painted Jackson standing at the riverside with his arms folded as he communed with God in a silent, respectful ritual. Nearby we see Little Sorrel grazing, as he patiently waits for his master.

"I used the autumn foliage as a symbolic color scheme to suggest that the end of Jackson's life was drawing near. Jackson is deliberately placed in the shade to accentuate his dark beard and hair in contrast to the sunlight on the trees in the background and the light bouncing off the water."
Black Victorian Brooch
Donated by Victorian Sentiments

This beautiful Victorian brooch features a classic design of a hand holding a flower. In Victorian lore, the hand represents friendship and fidelity, and the rose represents love. This lovely piece is made from dyed pressed horn, a popular substitute for jet in the Victorian era. Black jewelry had many uses including day wear, evening wear, and mourning attire. This pin will perfectly compliment your Victorian outfit or add a classic touch to your modern attire!
1/32nd Scale Model Kit - Hunley Submarine
Donated by the Sutton Family

In the 1864, the Hunley was the first submarine to sink an enemy vessel, the USS Housatonic. This model kit is from Cottage Industry Models and contains resin cast parts. Enjoy building a scale model of this special piece of history!
Shoe Rosettes
Donated by Heather Sheen of Creative Cockades

Shoe rosettes have been popular for many centuries but ladies especially enjoyed them in the Victorian era! These gorgeous rosettes feature vintage lace, satin ribbon and a sparkling center that is sure to dress up anyone's footwear. Shoe rosettes did not have to match in Victorian times so these will compliment shoes of any color. They have sturdy clips on the back that make it easy to put them on (or take them off) of your favorite pair of ballroom shoes!
Ladies Toilette Ensemble
Rose Water Donated by Talbott & Co.
Fan and Hanky Donated by the Olde South Ball Committee

Just what the fashionable Victorian lady needs! This elegant floral fan (specially brought from Shanghai by an OSB Committee member!) is accompanied by a vintage linen and lace hanky. The crowning delight is the Rose Water made from an authentic Victorian recipe. Splash a little on your wrists and your hanky and you'll waft the scent of roses wherever you go!
1/32nd Scale Model - CSS David
Donated by the Sutton Family

The CSS David was a Civil War-era torpedo boat. On October 5, 1863, she undertook a partially successful attack on the USS New Ironsides, then participating in the blockade of Charleston, South Carolina. This model kit is from Cottage Industry Models and contains resin cast parts. Enjoy building a scale model of this special piece of history!
Compendium of Dress and Adornment
Donated by the Geezerettes Publishing, LLC

A vast compilation of fashion plates and descriptions from 1860, gathered from Arthurs, Godey's, Harper's and Peterson's magazines. A truly remarkable and helpful collection for any reenactor, seamstress or fashion afficionado.
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